Farm to Table Cuisine

Learn about how the foods you eat can prevent disease and improve your life. 

Hands On Learning

A hands-on learning experience.   Learn culinary skills, kitchen tips, nutrition information, and more. 

A Fun Experience

Bring a friend to share the experience, and plan on making new ones too!

Professional Guidance

Professional guidance to help you feel comfortable in the kitchen and support your learning experience. 

The date night cooking class was so fun and informative.  Very nice intimate setting, great people and we absolutely loved learning new ways to use healthy ingredients and make them taste delicious! 

Chris & Christine Aumick


Great nutrition education mixed with fun!  I enjoyed the variety of vegetables, learning how to heat and grind spices, and I would definitely recommend these classes!

Lisa Marquiss

I enjoyed this class very much.  I learned about mixing spices and toasting them, and some new cooking techniques as well.  The food was delicious!  Learning about nutrition, cooking techiques, and working with fun people was a great way to spend my evening!

Elli Walz


I really enjoyed the class , the healthy ingredients, and using so many vegetables.  I loved cooking healthy food with my family.  I hope to incorporate healthier cooking in our everyday life with my children. 

Anneliese Cooper

I learned new ways to prepare some common and also not so common vegetables.  This class is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with a healthier way of cooking.  You learn about the food you are preparing and what is good for you, and it tastes amazing!

Megan Peters


Vegetables can be good AND interesting!  I ate more vegetables tonight than ive eaten in weeks and they were wonderful!  I'll definately use these recipes again!   I feel healthier already! 

Anne Moen

Cooking classes are fun, creative, and delicious!


Simple substitutions for a healthier life

One email a week to help you make small changes to eat yourself healthy.

Below are samples of the informative tips and health hacks you'll receive with your Nourishing Swaps Free Subscription.

  • Spinach- is a highly nutritious vegetable, but did you know that baby spinach is lower in oxalic acid, which is helpful to know if you have kidney stones, but also the reduced acid gives the spinach a sweeter taste? 

  • Dried Fruits- are often added to give a sweet and chewy texture to many foods, but did you realize that the process of drying fruit causes the loss of many nutrients?  Swapping out dried fruit with fresh berries gives you sweet flavors and also a high dose of antioxidants and high vitamin content. 

  • Fresh Melons- Swapping out a fresh melon for an unripe melon will give you the best texture, flavor and the highest level of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes.  Here's how you can select a ripe melon:  select a melon that has a heavier weight than you might expect, tap the melon with the palm of your hand and listen for a dull and deep sound, press gently at the indent where the vine was attached, it should have some 'give' to it, and finally smell the bottom end for a sweet subtle scent.  

Your Health, Your Growth, Your Journey, You ARE worth it!

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