Nourished Solutions for Workplace Wellness 

Nourished Health Coaching Services offers worksite health and wellness programs
that provide significant benefits for companies and employees.


How the company benefits:


 - decrease healthcare costs
 - lessen the need for unscheduled leave
 - increase productivity
 - improve employee engagement
 - advance recruitment and retention
 - enhance company brand and culture
 - reduce workers compensation and disability management claims cost

How the employee benefits:


 - improve health and well-being
 - reduce risks for developing preventable chronic diseases
 - increase self-esteem and awareness
 - decrease health related expenses

tailored programs to fit your workplace

Wellness Offerings

Whether you are looking for a series of classes, a long-term wellness contract, or a lunch & learn event, we have courses and resources to support your workplace wellness goals. 


Wellness Workshops & Seminars

Let's talk about topics that produce change

Wellness Topics

Please feel free to present any topic of interest not on this list

  • Eating for energy

  • Meal Planning

  • Healthy Snacks 

  • Smart Shopping at the Grocery Store

  • Decoding the food label

  • Weight loss with whole foods

  • Stress reduction on the job

  • Heart health

  • Hormone Health

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Inflamation reduction

  • Your blood never lies

  • Breath and body balance at work

Going beyond the workspace

Special Events

 Taking health and nutrition to the next level, special events

immerse attendees in hands-on participation and in-depth learning


Cooking Classes

Wellness Retreats

Wellness retreats for employees will provide the perfect healthy getaway for professionals to reboot and return to work a happier and more productive employee! (Tailored for group needs, price TBD)

Event Speaking


Simple substitutions for a healthier life

One email a week to help you make small changes to eat yourself healthy.

Below are samples of the informative tips and health hacks you'll receive with your Nourishing Swaps Free Subscription.

  • Spinach- is a highly nutritious vegetable, but did you know that baby spinach is lower in oxalic acid, which is helpful to know if you have kidney stones, but also the reduced acid gives the spinach a sweeter taste? 

  • Dried Fruits- are often added to give a sweet and chewy texture to many foods, but did you realize that the process of drying fruit causes the loss of many nutrients?  Swapping out dried fruit with fresh berries gives you sweet flavors and also a high dose of antioxidants and high vitamin content. 

  • Fresh Melons- Swapping out a fresh melon for an unripe melon will give you the best texture, flavor and the highest level of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes.  Here's how you can select a ripe melon:  select a melon that has a heavier weight than you might expect, tap the melon with the palm of your hand and listen for a dull and deep sound, press gently at the indent where the vine was attached, it should have some 'give' to it, and finally smell the bottom end for a sweet subtle scent.  

Your Health, Your Growth, Your Journey, You ARE worth it!

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